From simple to complex parts in low or high volume with Precision, Performance and Speed to meet your needs on-demand

The ultimate goal is to ensure your injection molded parts are fabricated per your engineering files efficiently, correctly and cost effectively with unsurpassed value to you. 

Services include DFM/design for manufacturability, tool maintenance, cost effective low volume Bridge Tooling, as well as high volume plastic mold tool making and parts in practically any type of composite/plastic material available on the world market. Tool sizes range from 28 ton to 2,000 ton machines. This allows flexibility to fabricate your large parts as well as meet high volume multiple cavity tooling requirements.

Be it 10 or 100,000 parts, our experienced Injection Molding team will ensure the production of your project goes smoothly because this is our passion! Be it fabricating your parts at our domestic or overseas operations, you decide!

Cutting-Edge Technology: Advanced Tool machining and Molding equipment – you benefit from cutting-edge fabrication options to fit your needs

Custom Made Solutions:  Tailored to fit your specific needs – you can confirm part form, fit and functionality verification

From Low volume to High Volume Parts: Whatever quantity you need from Prototypes to Low Volume or High Volume Production, we’ll fabricate them for you on-demand

Multiple Material Options: Variety of Plastic materials to suit your needs – superior quality and structural integrity at affordable prices


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We collaborate directly with you at the early stages of product development to optimize the choice of materials, enhanced physical design, and production performance thus improving efficiencies, quality and ultimately reducing cost.


This type of tooling is more geared to lower volume parts and has a faster turnaround time. Tool “inserts” are designed directly from 3D CAD data then either grown/fabricated via our DMLS/direct metal laser sintering process, then post precision machined OR CNC precision machine the inserts, then placed in a M.U.D., master unit die which we have several sizes available to help you keep your tooling costs down.


This type of tooling is created for both high volume and unique composite/plastic types of materials. Our toolmakers are experienced in the fabrication of all forms of tooling including straight pull (open and shut) molds, side action, multi-cavity and hot runner molds.


Using a soft silicone pad, your ink artwork can be transferred from a photo-etched plate onto your required part by pressing the pad against the product that is to be printed, be it round or flat surfaces. This process is simple and ideal for products that are contoured and/or difficult to access.


We ensure your tools are maintained via our PTMP/Preventative Tooling Maintenance Program. This ensures your tools are in optimum condition whenever you need us to run repeat production parts and also reduces the after care costs to you.


Our design team can help you spot any difficult-to-mold features before your design is sent to the manufacturing floor to save you from costly mistakes, reworks and precious time during the product development cycle.

Once you upload your 3D CAD file to request a quote, we’ll analyze your part geometry to identify any features that may be difficult to mold such as tall, thin walls or holes and other unique part features that may limit overall part quality and functionality.

We focus on helping you to reduce your product development cycle especially for low volume production by bridging the gap from traditional injection mold tooling timeframes of months to fast turnaround Bridge Tooling within weeks.

We help you procure parts on demand, without minimum order quantities (MOQs), helps you manage market or demand volatility, eliminating massive production forecasts and providing a second source for bridge production, line-down emergencies, end of product life, or product customization.

We’ll work with you throughout the course of your project to help you quickly move from prototyping to production, including finishing options for complete end-use parts.